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Youth From Kashmir Delivers Valley’s First Podcast App To Promote Kashmiri Language

With the intention of promoting the Kashmiri language and Sufi poetry, a medical student from the Anantnag district in southern Kashmir has become an inspiration to many. Saadath Mohi-ud-din Bhat is the CEO and founder of Kashmir’s premier podcast app, “Aao Unhe Yaad Karai-Waliv Tem Karhoukh Yaad”, which intends to promote the poetry of Kashmiri Sufi saints to the international scale.

Bhat, who launched the app last year, said it was about saving Kashmir’s rich Sufi language and culture and drawing people, especially young people, to it.

Preserving the mother tongue

“Speaking in my mother tongue is my basic right, and I need to observe variations in an individual’s behavior. There are more and more people who are not interested in our mother tongue (Kashmir). the way we prefer to speak in English to our own mother tongue, there will be no existence of it and culture if this attitude continues. This is the reason why I am trying to save language and literature and make them popular among individuals, ”he said. noted.

He got the idea from his Jaipur-based friend who was already in the podcasting business during the first wave of COVID last year. “When I started the podcast it was new to Kashmir, so people showed their love and affection towards my initiative. I got a good response even from the international audience including people from Germany , London, United States, France, etc. added.

From video maker to podcaster

Bhat is the first Indian podcaster to feature a knowledge panel (an information box that displays key information about people, places, organizations, and things already in Google’s knowledge graph). He began his journey in 2015 by creating short drama, dance and poetry videos for YouTube. He said the central issue in starting the business was creating the app itself, for which he enlisted the help of his friend Sheikh Asif. “Since then we haven’t stopped as we publish a podcast every week with subtitles and translation. Now I have a team of 30-40 like-minded members working day and night to create a podcast with subtitles and translations, “he said The logical Indian.

“We also provide voice advertising services to clients, especially in Kashmiri language. We recently launched our blogging website“ AUYK Blogs ”in which we share the inspiring stories of artists, entrepreneurs, authors , calligraphy artists, etc. with our readers and help them rank on Google. We also publish these stories in our e-Magzine ‘AUYK Blogs E-magazine’, “Bhat added. His work is available on digital audio platforms like Spotify, Apple Music Radio Republic, Pocketcaste and Jio Saavn.

The young entrepreneur says his family loves his job and is happy with his accomplishments. A diligent student, his parents have always supported his decisions. “My father is happy when he sees my work. However, for some time it feels like I have been trying for a long time to bring the Kashmiri language to the forefront of technology, ”he says.

Bhat believes that the younger generation of Kashmir, mostly teenagers, feel inferior when speaking in their native language. “They think that speaking in cashmere makes them inferior or backward. So this is my tiny contribution to Kashmiri culture and language,” he added.

The 20-year-old has also recently written two books namely “Why Online Presence Matters, It’s Time To Make Your Online Presence” and “Aao unhe yaad karai “ (Remember them), which is an e-book of his podcasts. Both books can be purchased at www.aaounheyaadkarai.in. “Aao unhe yaad karai” is about the Sufi poets and their poems, in particular the poems of Wahab Khar and Shamas Faqir, the famous Sufi poets of Kashmir.

Self-sponsored application

Saadath said he was funding the business with his own money. At first he was able to find a local sponsor but it was for a short time. He couldn’t buy web hosting and domain because he lacked resources. “I invested my own money in buying hosting and a domain for the website, bought a condenser microphone and a few pieces of equipment used in podcasting,” he said. he declares.

He then employed a screenwriter, a graphic designer and a few others to run his business. “We contacted the Jammu and Kashmir Department of Tourism as well as the J&K Academy of Art Culture, and Languages ​​for help, but got no response from them. We are asking the government to support us, ”he added.

Sending a message to the younger generation, he said young people should be proud of their mother tongue and culture. They should not hesitate to speak in their mother tongue because it is the only tool available to preserve its culture. He also said that parents should guide their children because every language has its beauty and no language is superior to another.

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