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Why I think Overcast is the best podcast app [Awesome Apps]

It is certainly not the first time that we have spoken of Covered Here has cult of mac. But since I’ve spent time collecting my must-have apps as part of our Awesome Apps series, it only makes sense to tell you why. by Marco Arment The podcast client is the best podcast app out there.

This is actually the perfect time to introduce the app to anyone unfamiliar with Overcast, as it recently received its biggest overhaul ever. Part of this change includes a new home screen with some smart features. I love Overcast for a number of reasons, but the app’s home screen is probably the main one.

Covered: Best podcast app

First, you’ll notice that on the home screen, it’s possible to pin your favorite podcasts to the top of the app. I find this makes it a lot easier to follow the podcasts I’m most interested in, even though I have a large library of shows I subscribe to. New shows can be pinned (and unpinned) with a simple swipe gesture, so it’s easy to manage this selection quickly and easily.

Best Podcast App: Which shows will you pin to the top of Overcast?
Which shows will you pin to the top of Overcast?
Screenshot: Joe White/Cult of Mac

It’s also great that Overcast highlights your recently played and new podcasts for easy access. With these features, finding the podcast you’re hoping to start is usually just a few clicks away.

Discovering and adding new shows is also a breeze. Tap the “+” icon in the top right, and Overcast brings up a selection of suggestions based on your listening habits and a handful of top-rated episodes, plus other podcasts grouped around other topics. Searching is easy, although it’s good to see an “Add URL” button for any podcasts that might be hard to find.

Smart Reading

My other favorite thing about Overcast is the podcast app playback. This includes two great features: Overcast’s “smart speed” (which detects periods of silence and removes them from the show, allowing for faster delivery) and “voice amplification” (which remasters the audio, which makes speech easier to discern). I like that these settings can be changed show by show with a “Customize for this podcast” button.

Besides that, Overcast has a handy sleep timer which I use all the time. This lets you configure the app to stop playback either after a set period of time or when the end of the episode is reached. Finally, don’t forget to hit the “i” button while reading to show notes and links – it’s a great addition that might be easy to overlook.

Punctual details

Best Podcast App: You can fine-tune Overcast through comprehensive settings.
You can fine-tune Overcast through comprehensive settings.
Screenshot: Joe White/Cult of Mac

My final piece of advice for Overcast users would be to stop at the “Nitpicky Details” section in the app settings. There it’s possible to customize some of Overcast’s finer details, like badge icons and CarPlay controls.

Overcast is a free download supported by banner ads. These can be removed with an annual payment of $10 – Overcast Premium also comes with support for file downloads and a custom icon.

Price: Free
Available from: iOS and iPadOS app store

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