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Twitter acquires podcast app Breaker to help it create its audio chat rooms

The application will be closed on January 15

To stay relevant in an ever-changing world, it’s important to experiment, and Twitter isn’t resting on its laurels – it’s constantly looking for new ways to engage users. Shortly after introducing Stories-like fleets to users around the world, the San Francisco-based company announced testing of audio chat rooms, called Spaces. To help build the latter – which is apparently a harder nut to crack – the team behind the Breaker podcast app is joining Twitter.

If you don’t know what Spaces is, it’s an attempt to make space for Twitter users to speak directly with a group of people. The experience focuses on “the intimacy of the human voice” and aims to create an environment similar to a “well-organized dinner party”.


Breaker, on the other hand, is a podcast app with a social element that allows users to share the podcasts they listen to and engage with other users through likes and comments. But with the Breaker team joining Twitter, the app will shut down on January 15.

If you’re a Breaker user, you can export your subscriptions to another podcast app. To do this, go to the settings and export the OPML file. You can then import it into another service such as Pocket casts, Spotify, embroidererWhere Castbox. Likewise, if you currently host a podcast on Breaker, you can transfer your podcast to another hosting service using the RSS feed.

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