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TikTok prepares to launch a podcast app

The Tech Stuff – with RSS.com

  • Learn more about these new TikTok RSS scrapers that audio means spotted (above). The servers are in Singapore, with an IP address range leading to AS138699 from TikTok. The user agent used is Go-http-client/1.1the default user agent of a library used in the Go development language (which TikTok developers use). Podnews’ daily podcast also sees traffic from these IP ranges.

  • Documentation for the new podcast namespace is suggested to be updated with appropriate mime types. For transcripts, application/srt is wrong; application/x-subrip is right – and for the audio, audio/mp3 is wrong; audio/mpeg is correct.

  • The Hive blockchain, which is used in Podping to send instant notifications of new shows and live streams, recently underwent a “hard fork” (but, as Brian from London postednothing broken).

  • The new Podcast namespace has had its license clarified: it is CC0 v1.0.

Podcast News – with Lemonada Media

From Lemonada Media: Every day, the world seems to be on the brink of crisis. In In the bubble with Andy Slavitt When overlapping crises and a relentless news cycle overwhelm Americans, Andy finds the right helpers to help us move forward together.

The Twenty Minute VC (20VC): Venture Capital |  Seed Funding |  Field
In The twenty-minute VC (20VC) you’ll find an interview with Spotify’s director of research and development, Gustav Söderström, explaining why creating a product has nothing to do with art. (Ask Jony Ive for an opinion on this).

Fit and full of it

Bossless with Nina Turner
Bossless with Nina Turner is new from TYT Network today. “Nina Turner, a progressive arsonist and hellish humanitarian, unites real, ordinary Americans to confront the corrupt forces that seek to keep people in power.”

Off Air... with Jane and Fi
Off Air… with Jane and Fi is the replacement for BBC’s Lucky, as Jane Garvey and Fi Glover moved on to commercial rival Times Radio. This is a new daily podcast recorded as they come out of the radio show.

Wondery’s Suspicious returns for a new season. Suspect: Missing in the Snow looks into a disappearance in the Rockies. Hosted by former CNN reporter Ashley Fantz, it’s an Amazon Music exclusive.

Trail Weight
Enjoying nature and escaping to green spaces are an integral part of our modern life. Today more than ever, we understand the need to preserve and protect these places. But what if our love of the earth accidentally does more harm than good? Produced by The Podglomerate, Trail Weight returns today for a new season.

Wild Podcast Ads

The Guardian Podcast

Whole story
In bus stops in Sydney NSW, Australia (above, this bus stop), an advertisement for Whole story by The Guardian. The show focuses on Ben Roberts-Smith versus the media, examining why Australia’s most decorated living soldier is suing three newspapers for libel over stories he claims falsely accuse him of war crimes. The ads are also runs at Sydney stations.