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Podcast Movement shared two Podcast Movement Evolutions 2022 sessions in Los Angeles:

The next Podcast Movement event is Evolutions of the podcast movement in Las Vegas NV, USA, from March 7-10, 2023.

Podcast News – with Lemonada Media

40 minute mentorship
40 minute mentorship reached half a million downloads. Hosted by James Mitra, the show lets you learn first-hand from today’s successful leaders what it takes to be brilliant, all in just 40 minutes. Its first episode was in April 2019.

OBSESSIONS: Wild Chocolate
OBSESSIONS: Wild Chocolate is new today – an epic Indiana Jones adventure, but the treasure is the oldest and most expensive cocoa in the world. If you love chocolate, you’ll love this podcast. The extra fun piece: Kaleidoscope has teamed up with wild cocoa hunter Luisa Abram and Settler Chocolate to create a special box to go along with WILD CHOCOLATE. You heard the podcast: Now buy the chocolate.

Wild Podcast Ads

Wear multiple hats

Wear multiple hats
Some “wheat dough” posters, although we assume there is a gluten-free alternative, for Wear multiple hats – a program “where we talk about your main concert but especially about your jostling side”. Rashad says his favorite Podnews segment is this one and hopes we’ll show his work; we assume these posters are somewhere in New York.