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The Outlander podcast streaming now on iHeartRadio

An Outlander podcast has grown steadily since its inception shortly after Starz announced the series’ launch in 2013.

He’s grown so much, in fact, that The foreign podcast is now streaming on iHeartRadio.

Over the years, hosts Ginger and Summer have interviewed the cast and crew and shared with Scotland Now some of their favorites.

Sam Heughan enters character on the set of season 3

Interviews with Bear McCreary, Toni Graphia and Ron Moore are Gingers’ top three and Summer’s favorites again were Diana Gabaldon and Toni Graphia.

Their most popular podcast to date was the one that dealt with the Season 1 episode “The Wedding”, which can be found here .

Catriona Balfe and Sam Heughan as Jamie and Claire

Ginger and Summer said of their inclusion on the online radio station: “We have just started broadcasting on iHeartRadio and are delighted to have another platform to offer listeners.”

Although they are new to iHeartRadio, The Outlander Podcast has been available on the Spotify streaming platform for quite some time.

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