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The Freedom with NFTs podcast officially launched on all major podcast streaming platforms effective October 1, 2021

San Diego, California, October 15, 2021 – (PR.com) – In every episode of Freedom with NFTs, Lauren Turton interviews NFT gurus who share their experiences, strategies, tools and tips so the Freedom with NFTs audience can dive in even deeper into creating their own freedom with NFTs.

Guest speakers include:

Jason Falovich, co-founder of @NFT, an Instagram account with 445,000 subscribers dedicated to sharing NFT news and updates and @playline which is the world’s largest sports lottery. Jason is the director of the Muhammad Ali Foundation and also directed Evander Holyfield.

Nuzayra Haque-Shah, founder, investor and award-winning intellectual property lawyer based in Los Angeles, California. Nuzayra was named in the Daily Journal’s “Best Women Lawyers” in 2017.

Carlene MacMillan, MD Dr. MacMillan is co-founder / CEO of Brooklyn Minds and is quickly becoming the go-to psychiatrist in the Metaverse. She is a Harvard-trained adult and child psychiatrist who pioneered team-based and technology-assisted mental health care that enables people with complex psychiatric issues to live fulfilling lives.

“You are a visionary; you know anything is possible and anything can happen in the NFT world, ”says Lauren Turton.

New episodes drop every Wednesday at 5:00 a.m. EST. To listen to Freedom with NFTs, go to: bit.ly/FreedomWithNFTs

Lauren Turton can be reached on Instagram at @LaurenTurton and on Twitter at @LaurenTurton_.

About Lauren Turton

Lauren Turton is a speaker, podcast host, best-selling author, self-portrait photographer, restaurateur and nonprofit vice president.

Turton has successfully helped hundreds of businesses grow their businesses by leveraging energy, creation, connection, community and collaboration; clients include companies listed on the Fortune 500, Forbes Richest List, and with clients around the world; including North and South America, Europe and Asia. She wrote a # 1 bestseller on the business development process she created titled Soul Career Clarity and was recently featured on Forbes.

Turton is the host of Freedom with NFTs, a podcast dedicated to sharing information about NFTs with the masses. In each episode, she interviews NFT gurus who share their experience, tools, and advice so audiences can dive deeper into creating their own freedom with NFTs.

Turton is a partner of Ciao Ciao Piadina, an Italian restaurant located in San Diego, California.

Turton is the creator of Find The Hare, a self-portrait photography project she started over a decade ago. She takes weird photos of me in a bunny mask in interesting places. It’s one of his favorite ways to create and express myself.

Turton is vice president of Help the Kani, a nonprofit organization that provides essential education and services to women and children in southern India. Every year, she travels to India to check on projects funded by Help the Kani and has helped raise thousands of dollars to support these projects including; children’s homes, family homes and schools.

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