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The first episode of DOOM is now available on all podcast platforms

Marvel Entertainment and SiriusXM’s latest original scripted podcast, Wastelanders: Doom, premiered on September 12 and is available now on all podcast platforms.

The fifth installment of the acclaimed “Marvel’s Wastelanders” audio epic, Marvel’s Wastelanders: Doom, follows the success of Marvel’s Wastelanders: Star-Lord, Marvel’s Wastelanders: Hawkeye, Marvel’s Wastelanders: Black Widow and Marvel’s Wastelanders: Wolverine. The 10-episode weekly series is co-written by Mark Waid and James Kim, co-directed by Jade King Carroll, and has original music and sound design by Mark Henry Phillips.

The series also features Dylan Baker as Doctor Doom, reprising his role from Marvel’s Wastelanders: Star-Lord, with Danny Burstein as Hulk, Keith David as Kingpin, John Hawkes as Klaw, Kristen Johnston as She-Hulk, Elijah Jones as Johnny Claymore, Rebecca Naomi Jones as Valeria, and Hamish Linklater as Sandman (Maximus).
After spending thirty years in prison, Doctor Doom is suddenly free and seeks revenge on his former allies who betrayed him the day the villains won. To do this, he collaborates with Valeria Richards, the daughter of his most despised adversary, but whose side is she on?

Doom begins his goal of world domination in chapter one, “A Superhero Walks into a Bar”, by teaming up. Meanwhile, Valeria Richards engages a gun and leaves to catch up with Doom.
“I’ve written many Fantastic Four comics in my time, but never have I had so much fun – or conveyed a stronger sense of fear and dread to our heroes – than in this story, James Kim was an excellent teammate, and by combining our talents with my understanding of Marvel Comics, we were able to produce something unique,” ​​co-writer Mark Waid tells marvel.com, about the series.

Considering Doctor Doom to be one of the most complex characters in the Marvel Universe, James Kim, the series’ other co-writer, told marvel.com, “I grew up watching the Fantastic animated series. Four from the 1990s, and I’ve always been fascinated by Doctor Doom since he’s one of the most complex characters in the Marvel Universe.The beginning of the story finds them both in their darkest moments. And when I started writing this series, I was at rock bottom, so it was cathartic to transfer that energy into these characters and see how far they would go to achieve their goals.