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The Castro Podcast App Now Pulls YouTube Audio From Your Queue

One of the top two or three podcast apps for iOS, Castro now lets you side-load YouTube videos into the app. It’s audio only, so it’s not a way to download videos for offline viewing. But it’s a great feature for anyone who just wants to listen to a presentation / lecture / etc. instead of having to watch it.


Supertop software castro is unusual in that it requires you to organize your podcasts in a queue. Well, it’s not that it forces you to do that, but if you don’t want to sort through incoming podcasts, there are better apps to use. I prefer Overcast, for example.

Castro – a great app.
Photo: Supertop

But if you To do subscribe to far too many podcasts then you might prefer Castro and his great management tools. New episodes arrive in its sorting area, and you can then add them to your queue. You can also ask your favorite podcasts to automatically stream new episodes to the queue.

But today we are here to talk about the new YouTube download feature. As far as I know, this is unique among podcast client apps. When viewing a YouTube video page in Safari or the YouTube app, just tap the share arrow and then choose Side loading to Castro from the list of options in the iPhone’s share menu.

Sideload from YouTube directly to Castro on iPhone.
Sideload from YouTube directly to Castro on iPhone.
Photo: Mac Cult

If you have an active Castro subscription, the audio will be removed from the video and saved in Castro. Castro was able to do this with web audio for a while, but now it works with YouTube video. This is really handy, because there are a lot of YouTube videos that don’t need the visual component at all. How about a music playlist, just without the visual part?

Subscription only

Castro’s new YouTube sideloading feature is only available by subscription. But if you sign up for the $ 18.99 per year subscription, you can also enjoy Castro’s silence cutoff, better chapter support, audio enhancement, and more. There is also a free trial for new users.

Price: Free with integrated subscriptions

To download: castro from the App Store (iOS)