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The best podcast app for iPhone and iPad: 7 top picks compared

So many great podcasts, so little time. If you want a chance to browse all of your favorite shows in any given week, you need a feature-packed podcast app to keep you on track.

But what are the best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad? If you like listening to podcasts on your iOS device, keep reading. We’re going to put together seven iPhone podcast apps that you need to check out today.

1. Covered

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Overcast is well established as one of the most popular podcast apps for iPhone.

It might not boast the super-flash visuals that some of its competition offer (although the aesthetics aren’t bad by any means). However, the list of features of the app is impressive. Some of the best features of Overcast include Voice boost (to normalize the volume of speech), Intelligent speed (to automatically ignore silences and other gaps) and an iOS widget.

Overcast also works with Apple CarPlay and Apple Watch. It doesn’t matter if you’re jogging in a park or stuck in traffic; you will still be able to access your pods quickly and easily.

And best of all? The overcast sky is completely free; there are no pro features. The only in-app purchase is a $ 10 per year subscription to remove ads.

To download: Covered (free)

2. Pocket casts

Pocket Casts is one of the best podcast apps for Android. Unsurprisingly, its quality is also reflected on iOS; it’s also one of the best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad.

Unlike Overcast, the app is not free; it costs a one-time fee of $ 4. If you want to use the web app, you’ll need to spend an additional $ 9. Pocket Casts also offers a standalone application for macOS. This means you can seamlessly switch from mobile to office when needed; your reading progress will be synchronized across all your devices.

Features in the iOS version of the app include a silent cut, variable playback speed, podcast chapters support, and multiple themes (including a dark mode).

Pocket Casts works with Apple Watch and CarPlay. It also supports playback through Chromecast and Sonos.

To download: Pocket casts ($ 4)

3. Spotify

Spotify’s acquisition of Gimlet Media in early 2019 marked the company’s intention to become a major podcast player on iOS and Android. It’s still the beginning, but the ability to access all of your streaming music, local music, and podcasts through a single mobile interface has an obvious appeal.

As you might expect, Spotify’s podcasting features already have a lot of finishing touches, but at the time of writing, they’re disappointed with the lack of support for adding your own podcasts to the app. You have to listen to content that is already part of the Spotify universe.

To download: Spotify (Free, subscription available)

4. Castro

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Castro is the best iPhone podcast player for anyone who subscribes to dozens of shows.

The app has a unique approach to library management. You subscribe to the podcasts you love and then as new episodes drop Castro adds them to the New tongue. You can go to this tab, add all the shows you want to download to the queue, and archive the rest.

Castro’s approach to managing your podcast library means you won’t waste space on episodes you never listen to. It will also prevent you from drowning in the daily deluge of new content.

Some of Castro’s other notable features include silence reduction, chapter support, and Apple CarPlay support.

Castro is free, but a $ 3 per quarter (or $ 9 per year) subscription unlocks professional features like voice enhancement, the ability to play audio files from your iCloud account, and customizable settings by podcast.

To download: Castro (Free, subscription available)

5. Apple podcasts

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We would be remiss not to mention the native iPhone podcast app: Apple Podcasts.

Apple Podcasts have some important advantages. There is Siri support, so you can control podcast playback with your voice. It also offers other ways to access your content through a companion app for Apple TV and on your Mac’s desktop through iTunes. The app is also fully integrated with Apple’s 550,000-show podcast repertoire.

Plus, the app has some of the best podcast discovery tools out there. There is a advised section that uses smart algorithms to suggest new shows you’ll like, as well as The hit parade of the whole world.

Indeed, if you’re a casual listener who doesn’t need some of the more sophisticated features offered by other iPhone podcast apps here, the Apple Podcast app should more than suffice.

To download: Apple podcasts (free)

6. Circuit breaker

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If you’re the type of person who enjoys the social aspect of consuming entertainment, there’s a good chance Breaker is the right iPhone podcast app for you.

Social interaction is the main selling point of the app. Social features include the ability to like and comment on episodes and a chat feature to talk about the content in real time. It also offers user profiles that let you view your all-time favorite shows and episodes, as well as an easy way to share your listening experiences on Facebook and Twitter.

In terms of podcast playback, Breaker offers 0.5x-3x playback speed, silence skipper, and dark mode. The app is free to download and you can remove ads for $ 5 per month.

To download: Circuit breaker (free)

7. CastBox

CastBox has been around for a while, but it was in the spotlight in mid-2018 with the launch of ContentBox — a new blockchain-based approach to rewarding content creators for their efforts.

The argument claims that it is nearly impossible for the vast majority of podcast makers to make a living from their efforts. The most popular shows are usually owned by a few existing media brands: NPR, The New York Times, Gimlet Media, The Guardian, etc.

ContentBox allows podcast creators to deliver paid content directly on the CastBox platform. In doing so, it became the first podcast app to offer a third-party distribution model for premium content.

If you’re a big fan of the Content Creator Award, the platform is definitely worth a visit.

To download: CastBox (Free, subscription available)

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The apps we have discussed are all some of the best podcast apps for iPhone and iPad. Of course, they’re not very useful without a few podcasts to actually listen to.

If you want recommendations, check out our lists of the best tech podcasts and the best podcasts to help spark creativity.


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