Podcast app

The best podcast app for Android


Podcasts are more popular than ever thanks to cultural sensations like Serial, but how are you supposed to listen to them? Google doesn’t even make its own podcast app for Android anymore. But for years, outside developers have been filling the void and producing stellar podcast apps with a ton of useful features. Whoever you choose can say as much about you as what shows you subscribe to.

At a bare minimum, these apps should help you find new podcasts that suit your tastes and save you the hassle of subscribing, downloading new episodes, and creating playlists for on the go or wherever you go. Listen. But the best of the bunch goes way beyond those basics and adds other perks that can save you time, improve audio quality, and more. There are dozens of podcast apps to choose from on Android, and it can be difficult to narrow the list. But in the end, there is only one better choice.

The winner

The podcast player that gets our vote is Pocket Casts. It’s a powerful and feature-rich app that makes subscribing to shows and setting up automatic downloads a snap. It also syncs across platforms with the iOS version of Pocket Casts, making it ideal if you’re upgrading from an Android phone to an iPad.

Beyond just being a vehicle for your podcasts, the remarkable aspect of Pocket Casts is certainly its design. It’s a terrific showcase for Google’s material design, with smooth animations and color schemes that change colors based on the artwork in a podcast. Your subscriptions are organized on a tiled screen with big, beautiful artwork for each show, and Pocket Casts has a seemingly endless array of preferences, playlist filters, and auto-download settings, so you can tailor it. fully to your liking. It also has smart speed and volume normalization features, but Pocket Casts doesn’t use them as well as some other apps.

Pocket Casts will work with video podcasts in addition to audio, offers full AirPlay / Chromecast support, and makes it easy to discover with trending podcasts, curated recommendations, and more. The whole package removes all other options on Android – and that doesn’t mean these podcast apps are bad; that just speaks to Pocket Cast’s meticulous emphasis on design and user experience. There is no free version here, however; the app will set you back $ 3.99. You shouldn’t hesitate to pay so little for such a powerful player.