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STRYPER Start the Patreon page; New episode of the official podcast streaming

Christian rockers Stryper recently launched a Patreon page here. They registered with the following update:

“Thank you to everyone who has joined or will join in the next few days our Patreon page! Your support through this new platform where we share important information about the group and the group members is helping the group survive during the pandemic until that we can start turning again!

If the group is a “ministry”, it is also a source of income for each of us and it is also a business. At Patreon, we will share information about new products FIRST there (so YOU ​​have shot first, before releasing it to the general public), and we will provide videos and other information that will NOT be shared on social networks. Here is what we ask in return: PLEASE do not share or copy any information posted on social media before us, keep that information between us. We know you might have good intentions sharing information that you find online or on Patreon with others, but sharing before us really hurts the group financially.

If you haven’t heard this month’s Stryper podcast on our website, please listen. Matt gave a great explanation of how the band makes money through touring and product sales only and how that allows our families to make a living. The band doesn’t make money when they’re not on the road, so we have special products, vinyl deals and now Patreon. We can assure you that we are not trying to abuse or take advantage of fans during the pandemic. It’s quite the opposite; we are trying to survive it, just like you and your family. This is all to help us hold on until we can tour again maybe next year. Again, we really appreciate your support!

We pray for you and your families as we go through this unprecedented time and we also thank you for your prayers for us! ”

Check out the November 2020 edition of the official Stryper podcast here.

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