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Stitcher Unveils Redesigned Podcast App For A Personalized Podcast Experience

NEW YORK, October 22, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Stitcher, the largest company dedicated to listening, producing and monetizing podcasts, announced that it has released the public beta of its newly redesigned mobile apps for Android and iOS alongside of its web listening platform. Stitcher is a subsidiary of Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SIRI).

The new Stitcher platform has been redesigned from end to end, from the technology backbone to the front-end user interface. The streamlined design makes listening easier for everyone and prioritizes a new, more customizable experience that adapts to the myriad of ways users manage their shows and personal app experience.

Across individual shows and episodes, the new app gives listeners more control over how they listen to and experience podcasts through a customizable interface with features such as:

  • Management of downloads. Choose which shows that automatically download new episodes and how many episodes are kept downloaded, prioritizing favorite shows and saving storage space.
  • Filtering episodes. Filter to Show: Only unread, downloaded, or liked episodes in any show.
  • Sorting episodes. Sort the episodes of any show to display them from oldest to newest and vice versa. Users can also sort by individual episode length to match the time they have to listen at a particular time of their day.
  • Show organization. Group shows into user-defined categories, whether by genre, show length, favorites, or just about anything else.
  • Improved speed controls. Listen at virtually any speed and at any increment with an easy-to-use slider control.

Stitcher’s revamped podcast experience also makes it easier to listen to your favorite shows with:

  • Easy access to favorite shows. Quickly access new episodes, pick up where you left off, manage downloads, and browse shows all in one place.
  • Discovery improved. Find great podcasts with carefully curated recommendations on mobile and web.
  • Improved web Player. Experience uninterrupted listening on the web and mobile app to pick up where an episode left off, no matter where that episode was paused.
  • New Alexa and Sonos integrations. Listen to your podcasts aloud with the rebuilt Alexa and Sonos integrations.

“We’ve focused on both unique listening experiences for seasoned listeners and podcast newbies in this major overhaul because, after a decade of knowledge and data to draw on, we know that consuming podcast is a personal experience and one size doesn’t fit all ”, mentioned Erik Diehn, CEO of Stitcher. “The new look and feel of our mobile app reflects Stitcher’s commitment to making listening, recording and discovering content easy – as it should be.”

The Stitcher development team also implemented current design trends and accessibility standards to further improve usability and create the newest app on the market.

With great attention to details of the overall user experience, this process included adjusting the placement of buttons and sliders, creating simple, easy-to-see icons, and using the space and size of police to accommodate listeners with different abilities.

The new Stitcher app for mobile and web is available through the public beta from 22 october for iOS and Android devices and will be rolled out worldwide in the coming months. The Stitcher app also hosts Stitcher Premium, which offers ad-free listening and exclusive podcast episodes.

About Stitcher

Stitcher is the best place to listen to, produce, and monetize podcasts. The Stitcher app, available for iOS and Android devices, is one of the world’s most popular podcast listening platforms, with a growing network of original content and a premium subscription service. Stitcher is the parent company of Midroll Media, the leading podcast advertising network representing more than 200 of the world’s largest podcasts, and other networks including the Earwolf comedy podcast network, Stitcher Originals and Witness Docs. Stitcher has offices at Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco, and is a subsidiary of SiriusXM.

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