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Stitcher podcast app reveals massive overhaul with new features


The Stitcher podcast platform has introduced a massive overhaul of its mobile app, a design that brings an updated and clean design along with new features and more. The new interface comes amid the skyrocketing popularity of podcasts and the rise of major competitors, including platforms like Spotify and audio apps like Google Podcasts. The new Stitcher design will be made available to users on iOS and Android.

Stitcher is first and foremost a media company that includes the creation of podcasts. However, the company is best known for its podcast app, which was once the dominant choice for fans of audio shows. The company showcased its new app redesign which includes a new show layout, additional customization options, and new features for day-to-day activities such as content management and finding new shows.

The redesigned Stitcher app presents content in blocks based on genre and category with those blocks found under tabs like “Shows” and “Latest.” Premium users have their own icon to tap, and there’s a Discovery section in the app for finding new shows. The overall design is very clean, intuitive, and fairly easy to understand for podcast newbies.

Among the new features is the ability to control podcast episode downloads per show, which means you no longer have to choose between having episodes for each subscription downloaded automatically or none at all. Other features include the ability to create custom categories to store content and filter content based on various criteria such as read status.

Stitcher’s redesign is coming first as a public beta on iOS and Android, but will roll out to everyone in the coming months. In the meantime, users can check out competing platforms like Google Podcasts, which has a similar visual design, the very popular Apple Podcasts, and relatively new options like Spotify’s podcast platform.


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