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Spotify-owned third podcast company forms union

Parcast, the podcast production company that Spotify acquired last year, is unionize. The Writers Guild of America, East announced the news today, along with a letter explaining why Parcast, which specializes in authentic crime and crime shows, has decided to organize.

The production company says it wants to see Spotify make a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as maintain a reasonable workload and overtime pay. Parcast is also looking for clear job descriptions, fair compensation, transparent salary brackets and a movement around creation and intellectual property. From there, Spotify can now either voluntarily recognize the union, which would set it up to start contract negotiations, or ask union members for a vote to prove they have support. (Disclosure: Vox Media’s editorial team, which includes The edge, is also unionized with WGAE.)

In a comment to The edge, Spotify said, “We confirm that we have received a notice from the union and plan to conduct a review.”

This means that Parcast is now joining Gimlet Media and The ring, other companies owned by Spotify, in their union efforts. The two groups are also organized through the WGAE, and both are still in the negotiation phase of their contract negotiations, meaning that no formal contract has yet been made. Ringer’s union tweeted last week that its negotiations on diversity and inclusion had progressed and included measures that “will ensure that more under-represented candidates are considered for posted positions, establish / fund a diversity committee and give this committee the possibility of submitting quarterly hiring recommendations ”.

The two have been in negotiations since last year, with The Ringer unionizing before the Spotify acquisition and Gimlet only doing so a month after the company was acquired by Spotify. Spotify voluntarily recognized Gimlet and continued union conversations with The Ringer after its acquisition.

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