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Spotify on the verge of overtaking Apple Podcasts as the # 1 podcast app in the US

Source: Spotify / The Verge

It looks like Spotify could go number one in another area: podcasts.

The No.1 streaming music service is also set to overtake Apple Podcasts as the No.1 podcasting service, according to a new report from eMarketer. The report predicts that Spotify will end the year with 28.2 million monthly podcast listeners out of the 28 million Apple Podcasts in the United States.

Spotify continues to expand its podcast audience in the United States, while Apple Podcasts has essentially stagnated. In fact, Spotify will narrowly overtake Apple in this metric by the end of this year. The Swedish streaming company will have 28.2 million monthly podcast listeners out of Apple’s 28.0 million, a very slim lead that will widen in the years to come.

The report goes on to say that Spotify’s growth will continue through the planned year of 2025. It predicts the streaming service will grow from 28.2 million listeners to 43.6 million by the end of. 2025. This would equal 12.7% of the country’s population.

  • This year, 40.0% of American internet users will listen to podcasts at least once a month. Given the rapid growth in the number of media listeners to date, we expect this growth to slow down over the next several years.
  • Despite this overall deceleration, Spotify’s growth among this listener base will continue to increase until the end of our forecast period in 2025.
  • YouTube and Google Podcasts are also popular platforms for listening to podcasts in the United States. Amazon Music continues to develop its audio offerings and invest in support. (We don’t publish podcast listeners forecasts for these platforms yet.)

Apple recently took steps to compete with Spotify in podcasting. The company launched the new Apple Podcasts Subscriptions product, redesigned the app, and is launching original podcasts based on Apple TV + content.

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