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Spotify buys the Whooskhaa radio and podcast app |

Spotify acquired the Whooshkaa radio and podcast broadcast app.

The music streaming service has put its pen to a new deal to acquire Whooshkaa, a six-year-old Australian company that aims to help broadcasters monetize, edit and distribute their shows as podcasts.

Spotify claims that some broadcasters, like the Australian Radio Network, are already relying on its Megaphone podcast hosting platform, and this Whooshkaa radio technology will be incorporated into it.

Spotify’s selling price was not disclosed amid the deal’s announcement.

For Spotify, the acquisition comes after CEO Daniel Ek said earlier this year that traditional radio is dying, and Spotify’s vision for the future of audio will incorporate all forms of listening.

He said: “If you think for sure over the next 10 years, what is now radio is going to crumble and go from linear space to on-demand space. This is where I think we are in this race to try to get as many people as possible to convert to on-demand streaming and hopefully choose Spotify as our preferred platform.

The news also comes after Spotify began experimenting with a new video streaming feature similar to the style of short viewed videos on TikTok.

Journalist Chris Messina found out about the iOS app beta update, as he posted screenshots to Twitter of a new icon on Spotify’s navigation bar titled “Discover”.

When clicked, the Discover tab displays the user’s video clips in full screen as the songs play, which users can like.