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South Kashmiri teenager uses Kashmiri language and literature for podcast app

He said that after receiving a good response from the people, he developed a website to increase the reach of his podcasts based on Kashmir Sufi literature.

Today, Bhat has a team of around 40 people who help him podcast the Sufi Kalaam of the former Sufi Saints of Kashmir in the form of numerous audio series.

Speaking to Greater Kashmir, Bhat said he had hired many voiceover artists, translators and others who volunteered for him with the sole purpose of preserving Sufi literature as well as the Kashmiri language.

“At first I used to present podcasts, but now I have a suitable team including interns who help me run the website and app out of love for Kashmiri culture to preserve its language and its literature. We have seen Kashmiris today reluctant to speak in their mother tongue. That’s why I came up with the idea of ​​a podcast where I can at least make my contribution to promote and preserve something that is an age-old aspect of Kashmiri life, ”Bhat said.

In order to present its content in the most understandable form, Bhat started including captions in podcasts so that they reach a wider audience.

For now, ‘Aao Unhein Yaad Karai’ app can only be downloaded from Play Store by Android users, while those who have IOS can listen to podcasts by visiting the website and other platforms. musical forms like Spotify, wynk and gaana, as well as podcasts. The app mainly highlights the work of Kashmiri mystics and Sufi saints like Shamas Faqir, Rasul Mir, Wahab Khar and others.

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