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SCA’s LiSTNR acquires children’s podcast company Kinderling

Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) has acquired Kinderling, an Australian children’s radio and podcast company.

Kinderling was founded by a group of parents who wanted to introduce children aged zero to seven to the world of music, storytelling and creative expression. Since its inception in 2014, Kinderling has won the award for Best Digital Radio Format at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards the following year.

The company hosts four live radio streams with Kids Live, chill, party and sleep music for kids, 21 podcasts for kids and parents, including the number one podcast for kids, Bedtime Explorers, which has achieved 17 million downloads, and the Babyology parenting platform and its Feed, Play Love and The Parent Panel podcasts.

Kinderling’s audio suite will join LiSTNR’s existing podcast series for kids and family, including The Beanies, Zero Waste Baby, and Birth, Baby & Beyond, among others.


In 2018, ARN announced that Kinderling Kids Radio would be available on the company’s DAB + digital spectrum and on the iHeartRadio platform.

Earlier this year, Kinderling Kids Radio (Kinderling) announced the completion of its transition from DAB +, where it was launched six years ago, to a direct-to-consumer streaming model, accessible online or through the app. Kinderling Kids iOS and Android.

SCA CEO Grant Blackley said: “Kinderling has been an Australian success story with audio content that appeals to both young children and parents. The company will now form the flagship brand of our rapidly growing pillar for children and family on LiSTNR, as we expand audience and revenue opportunities across Kinderling’s suite of brands.

Kinderling CEO Evan Kaldor added, “Kinderling’s research-driven programming originated on SCA’s DAB + network in 2015 and we’ve had some extremely successful early years with the company: winning an ACRA, creating cutting-edge sleep programs for children and building strong partnerships. Six years later, we’re excited that Kinderling’s original music, stories and programming is becoming the cornerstone of LiSTNR’s content offering for kids and parents.

“SCA has the vision and the resources to accelerate our growth and realize the many opportunities we have as we grow our content, audience, marketing and partnerships. We are excited about the momentum of LiSTNR and the exponential growth of the audience for us. “

Kinderling podcasts include for kids: Bedtime Explorers, Daytime Explorers, Outside The Lines, The Fact Detectives, Kinderling Stories, Fun Fables, Busy Bodies with Mr Snot Bottom, Sing-A-Song with Angie Who, Mother Tongue, dirtgirl’s Nature Detective Academy, My Wellness School, Telling Healing Stories, Feel Courageous

For parents: Feed Play Love, Babylab, The Promise of Sleep, The Lullaby Effect, The Parent Manual, The Parent Panel, The Sticky Bits of Parenting, The Mother Shift, Body Shock, Belies, Bits and Babies, 2 Judgy Mums.