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Revised Podcast App in iOS 11 to Bring Richer User Experience and Listening Analytics

During a Friday session at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple revealed some major updates to its native Podcasts app coming to iOS 11. Some of the changes will affect podcast listeners, while others are expected to empower podcasters. learn more about their audience listening habits.

As mentioned during Apple’s WWDC Keynote earlier this week, the Podcasts app is getting an overhaul in iOS 11. With a new interface and better title management, changes to the way Apple the podcast stream is working should improve the end-user experience, as explained by Jason Snell of Six Colors in a blog post Friday:

New extensions to Apple’s Podcast Feed Specification will allow podcasts to define individual seasons and explain whether an episode is a teaser, full episode or bonus content. These extensions will be read by the Podcast app and used to present a podcast in a richer way than the current, more linear approach. (Since podcast feeds are just text, other podcast apps will be free to follow Apple’s lead and also change how they display podcasts based on these tags.)

With the new extensions, users will be able to download full seasons, and the Podcasts app will know if a podcast is meant to be listened to in chronological order or if the latest downloaded episode is most relevant to the listener.

The other updates revealed on Friday are more relevant to podcasters. Notably, Apple is launching in-episode analytics, which will allow podcasters to find out how many people are listening to their episodes and where in the app listeners stop and skip. The analytics will use anonymized data to ensure user privacy while allowing podcasters to learn more about listening habits, like how many people are skipping ads or how long a podcast has run before that listeners do not lose interest.

The redesigned Podcasts app will be available on iOS 11, which Apple will release in the fall. A public beta of the operating system is expected later this month.

(Thanks, Noah!)