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Podcasted is a sleek Windows 10 podcast app with real potential

Podcasted is an attractive app with a unique layout compared to other podcast apps. It has access to a huge library of podcasts which you can easily play on a variety of Windows 10 devices. It also has a share button so you can easily send podcasts to your friends.

The app is available for free on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and HoloLens, but to remove ads, you’ll need to pay $2.49.

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Stand out from competition

It’s hard to make a podcast app that’s truly different from all the others. Most of them, including Podcasted, support importing OPML files, variable playback speeds, and have an extensive library of podcasts. But one way to make an app stand out is to make it watch different.

The podcast strays from the Groove Music-esque design and tries to look unique. For example, you won’t see any expanding hamburger buttons or menus. Whether it’s good or not is of course a matter of choice, but it’s certainly different, and variety in the App Store is never a bad thing.

At the top of the app, you have your listening feed of all the podcasts you subscribe to. Below are categories such as comedy and video games with suggested podcasts to follow. When you click on a podcast you see a list of all available episodes on the right, and after clicking on a specific episode you have playback controls at the bottom. Besides being different in design from many podcast apps, Podcasted presents a lot of information on screen at once without feeling cluttered.

The design is fresh and effective in displaying information. It is clear why the developers are highlighting the appearance of the app in the Windows Store listing.

Room for improvement

Podcasted is a great app for the basics of listening to podcasts, but to match or surpass the top podcast apps on the market, there are a few things it needs.

First, it needs a version for Xbox One. The app is already available on PC, phones, and HoloLens, so there’s hope that Xbox One support could come in the future. Bringing the app to the Xbox One would let you listen to podcasts while you game and also play podcasts through a home media center which is probably hooked up to better speakers than a phone or PC.

Then the app needs to fix some issues. The store listing advertises the ability to continue playing a podcast on another device, but that doesn’t seem to work in the app, or at least it doesn’t work consistently enough for us to try it out in our tests. .

General impressions of Podcasted for Windows

Podcasted has many of the features you’d want in a podcast app, wrapped up in a unique design that’s pretty and functional. But to be able to replace the best podcast apps in the Windows Store, it takes fine-tuning and feature additions.

out of 5

The app is currently in v1.0, which makes it impressive that the app is already where it is. Even if Podcasted doesn’t convince you to replace your current podcast app, it’s worth keeping an eye on the future to see how it develops.

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