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Podcast Company removes entire Kanye West episode

Drink Champs host NORE continues to apologize for hosting rapper Kanye West on his podcast this week.

West, who asks the public to only call him Ye, argued that George Floyd died of drug abuse in 2020 when he appeared on the show.

“He said a prayer for eight minutes, they hit him with fentanyl,” Ye said. “If you look, the guy’s knee wasn’t even on his neck like that.”

For context, a chief medical examiner classified Floyd’s death as a homicide and noted that the amount of fentanyl in his blood could have been “lethal under the circumstances.”

Floyd’s family say they plan to sue Ye for his comments.

NORE quickly apologized for hosting Ye, telling the Breakfast Club, “I support free speech, I support anyone, you know, not being sensitive, but I can’t stand anyone getting hurt… I I apologize to the George Floyd family. I apologize to anyone who was hurt by Kanye West’s comments.”

But, of course, apologies are rarely enough. On Tuesday, the show deleted the entire episode with Ye and deleted all mentions of her appearance.

The representative for Drink Champs issued the following statement to The Hollywood Reporter:

Drink Champs prides itself on its ability to allow a free flow of ideas within the hip hop community. That being said, sadly, Kanye West’s recent interview contained hurtful and false information regarding the circumstances surrounding the murder of George Floyd. Integrity is very important and we don’t want to promote false stories on our platform. Our goal is to celebrate culture. Therefore, we had no choice but to remove the episode from the cast. We apologize to the family of Mr. Floyd and anyone else hurt by this episode.

Similarly, LeBron James’ HBO program “The Shop” scrapped a recorded episode with Ye days earlier. Maverick Carter, who produces the show, said James couldn’t associate his name with Ye’s “dangerous” rhetoric.

The hosts knew upon entering that Ye would make controversial statements. Ye’s entire press tour stems from his “Death Con 3” statement about the Jewish people. (Ye says because he’s black he can’t be anti-Semitic, a bizarre statement in and of itself.) But instead of pushing back, LeBron and NORE let him do the talking and then deleted the episodes.

Conversely, NewsNation host Chris Cuomo hosted Ye on Monday and allowed for a back-and-forth dialogue. Credit where it is due:

During the interviews, Ye accused an “underground Jewish media mafia” of silencing him. He says he bought the Parler social media platform so he could speak freely despite the “mafia” attacking him.