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Pocket Casts Desktop for Windows 10 is a fantastic podcast app


Pockets Casts has established itself as one of the best podcast apps available. It allows you to sync your podcasts across all devices, no matter what platform you are using. Now, that same convenience is available on Windows 10 through Pocket Casts Desktop.

The app is available for free on Windows 10, Windows Mixed Reality, and the Surface Hub. However, Pocket Casts is currently in beta testing, which is limited to Pocket Cast paid web subscribers ($ 9 one-time fee). A 14 day free trial is available, but I was unable to test the beta of Pocket Casts Desktop before paying for a subscription.

Since the app is in beta, this is a post of how-to impressions rather than a review. This means I ignored the occasional glitches and glitches, and Pocket Casts Desktop won’t receive a final ranking like our full reviews.

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Impressive synchronization

Podcast readers are a dime a dozen on every platform. Quality products are less common, but there is certainly no shortage of them. Pocket Casts earned their place at the top of the mountain for a reason. The standard features you’d expect are there, including a large library of podcasts, playing episodes at varying speeds, and creating playlists, but what sets it apart is the seamless syncing between devices.

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I use a Samsung Galaxy S8 + to listen to podcasts on the go, and during my testing I started an episode on my phone and hopped onto my PC to keep listening. A few seconds after the episode paused on my phone, the progress was already updating on the desktop version of Pocket Casts. For me, this is one of the best features a podcast platform can have and Pocket Casts implements it incredibly well.

Presentation of web applications

While Pocket Casts Desktop can be found in the Microsoft Store, it’s a web wrapper, but that’s not the insult it was. The app is attractive and has a nice list of features. Some people object to web wrappers appearing in the Microsoft Store, calling for “true Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps”, but Pocket Casts Desktop might change their mind.

I understand the feeling of fighting for natively built UWP apps, but for me the most important thing is that an app is available and it works. Pocket Casts Desktop allows users to continue the experience of one of the most popular podcast apps on Android and iOS on Windows 10. Although it doesn’t have any features like Cortana integration or a design Native UWP, it’s a great addition to the Microsoft Store.

The developer also seems keen on adding UWP functionality. The latest update replaced the old icon with a UWP style icon. The app also already has dark and light themes, which is not exclusive to UWP apps but is a favorite with many users.

General thoughts

Pocket Casts Desktop is a great addition to the Microsoft Store and I was impressed by testing its beta app. I listen to a lot of podcasts and use devices from different platforms to do so, which makes syncing between devices a huge deal.

The design of Pocket Casts Desktop is also nice; it’s simple but functional. It has the standard features you would want from a podcast app and also includes a few cool touches like a dark theme and a slight change to the playbar background depending on the podcast you’re playing.


  • Syncs podcasts across all devices.
  • Attractive interface.
  • Large library of podcasts.

The inconvenients

  • Lack of native UWP features.

View in the Microsoft Store

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