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Manchester podcast company hires chief growth officer Prolific North

Podcast.co has hired a growth manager to evolve its line of production services.

Caroline Harleaux comes from Xeim Labs, where she was Business Development Manager. She previously held senior positions at Young Vic and the British Film Institute.

“More and more brands are now recognizing the potential of audio content. Podcast listeners regularly stay engaged for more than 30 minutes at a time. And that close, one-on-one time spent with a brand is part of what makes media so powerful. Harleaux said.

“The podcast industry is still in its infancy, but this presents tremendous growth potential for content creators and advertisers. Podcast.co has the people, the vision, and the technology to drive this growth.

His role will be to focus on business development, creative partnerships, content acquisition and the sale of podcast ads.

“Production is where we have experienced the strongest growth in 2021, and we are delighted to welcome Caroline to the team to lead the next phase of our expansion,” added Mike Cunsolo, Director of Marketing at Podcast .co.

“His credentials speak for themselves, but what impressed us even more was his vision of what we can achieve and his dedication to accelerating our growth in a space of enormous potential. “