Loans without Credit Bureau for self-employed

There are certainly ways to get loans without Credit Bureau information. Different providers only require a completed loan application. This must be sent to the provider by post or fax. After that, nothing stands in the way of paying out the loan. The processing time is usually quite short at 24 hours.

Credit for everyone – including the self-employed

Credit for everyone - including the self-employed

Loans without Credit Bureau for the self-employed are often an undertaking that is not entirely without problems, not when you ask a bank. They often do not support this project because there is an increased risk of default if you are self-employed. At least that’s what the banks fear. This is why renowned banks often reject these requests. You cannot imagine that often self-employed people can have a regular and often high income. If they do agree, the demands they make are often very high. If you cannot offer them high assets or financial security, you can save yourself this route.

But even for the self-employed there is a way to get money easily. Online credit marketplaces also offer cheap loans without Credit Bureau for the self-employed. However, sometimes there is a condition that you have to be self-employed for a certain amount of time. Of course, some companies check the applicant’s creditworthiness because they too want to keep their default risk as low as possible.

If this is positive, the loan is no longer a problem. Other providers do not request Credit Bureau information. After receiving the application, the applicant receives the best offer from a selection of different lenders. An examination of the credit request is usually not subject to a fee. An application is not the only obligation. Not even after receiving the offer.

Procedure for loans without Credit Bureau for the self-employed

Procedure for loans without Credit Bureau for the self-employed

No Credit Bureau information will be obtained for the application. There is no entry in the Credit Bureau even after the loan has been paid out, and the house bank is also not informed of the loan. The applicant receives the money by mail as a cash credit or by bank transfer. The installment payments are made by payment card or bank transfers. This online loan without Credit Bureau information has no effect on existing or planned loans in the future.

A loan without Credit Bureau is often the only way for self-employed people to obtain financing. Especially with negative Credit Bureau entries. The amount can also be very low if you simply want to avoid using the credit line of the house bank. It is therefore an uncomplicated, simple way for the self-employed to know what they need, for business or private.

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