Loans for craftsmen – loan for person whose having irregular pay


Often it happens that artisans are concerned, as they are not recognized as employees but are entrepreneurs and do not have a regular paycheck with which to demonstrate that they enjoy continuous income, in order to be able to access various loans. In this article we will find what are the best ways for craftsmen to apply for and obtain funding and we will see what are the characteristics of the services offered to this job category. Let’s start first by assuming that a craftsman who owns a business has the same possibilities and the same guarantees for applying for an online loan as any other worker.

Best bank and its Social Welfare

Best bank and its Social Welfare

Let’s start by talking about Social Welfare a service of the Best bank group . The online and physical financing for artisans Social Welfare offers loans in a very short time in a single solution, to be repaid both in convenient installments and with a single solution with a timing prior to the expiration of the loan, it also offers all its customers dedicated customer assistance. The online financing for artisans of Social Welfare requires the request of a minimum amount of 1,000 USD until a maximum sum of 25,000 USD can be obtained. The maximum duration of amortization is 120 months and the rate is quarterly as are the interest rates. Any interested consumers have the opportunity to request information about it by email, toll-free number or website and receive a free and no-obligation quote.

Infra bank’s unfinaled services

Infra bank

Another of the best examples is Infra bank . In fact, Infra bank grants online loans to artisans from a minimum of 3,000 to a maximum of 20,000 USD and covers the entire national territory having fixed rates and monthly fixed installments that can last from 12 to 60 months. The delivery of this loan takes place within a few days (4 or 5) from its approval, the delivery of the check is made directly to the home or is credited to the applicant’s current account through the use of a bank transfer and you can request this online financing even if you have other previous pending loans.

It is not necessary to provide the institution with any expense justification, in fact the loan is not finalized, there is a digital signature service which can also be single. It is not necessary to provide any specific guarantee, except only in the event that the sums that are requested are too high in comparison to the income that the applicant has, in this case the financial institution will ask for the presence of a guarantor. In the online and non-personal loans for artisans of Infra bank there are also delays in the payment of current or past loans and there is the possibility of having other loans in the same period. You can request a quote without obligation by filling out the online form on the official Infra bank website.


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