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IIM Indore Launches New Podcast and App on Foundation Day 25

The Indian Institute of Management in Indore (IIMI) celebrated its 25th anniversary on October 3, 2021. The institute celebrated its Silver Jubilee and the day of its founding on campus. The event was opened by Professor Himanshu Rai, Director, IIM Indore. Alpesh Shah, Managing Partner, Managing Director and Senior Partner, The Boston Consulting Group India, was the main guest for the occasion.

In his welcome speech, Prof. Rai said that the “special secret ingredient” that has helped the institute to develop over all these years is mutual trust, trust in unity, conviction and l commitment to the institute. “It’s fair to say that wherever you go in life isn’t that important. The important thing is who you are with. IIM Indore is a family and we are all together, ”he said. He explained that the institute focuses on the constant growth and development of its participants and now has overseas collaborations with more than 40 universities in 16 countries.

“It is with our determination to help build city, state and nation that we have now taken the initiative to develop the Rau Circle. I am happy to share that the Rau Circle will now be known as IIM Indore Circle, and I assure you that we will develop Rotary and the landscape into a state-of-the-art area, ”he announced. Let’s just keep up the good work and strive for more. Let’s not stop dreaming, don’t settle for less and let nothing deter us, he concluded.

What makes an institution successful

Alpesh Shah, during his conference on the day of its founding, congratulated the IIM Indore community. He noted that the institute has made progress not only in terms of rankings, but also in terms of diversity. “IIM Indore is over 42% female and it’s remarkable,” he said. He shared seven key elements to building an institution: define your goal, build a perfect team, persist in the sustained pursuit of excellence, keep preparing, start your own race, be bold and live the values.

“Every organization should have a goal that should be embedded in the vision and mission of each stakeholder. This can be achieved with a perfect team, because a perfect team is not about having perfect individuals, but recognizing the unique talents of each team member – to make a perfect team, ”he said. Passionate about sports, he has shared several sports videos to explain how persistence and hard work help a person be successful in life. “Life is a marathon and we have to prepare again and again – run our own race and not chase ourselves,” he said. He advised to always live the values ​​- every time, because values, morals and ethics help you be successful in life.

On this occasion, a special IIM Indore cover from the post office was also published to commemorate the 25 years of excellence of the institute. The special covers were revealed by Professor Himanshu Rai, Senior Guest Alpesh Shah, and Praveen Shrivastava, Superintendent of Post Offices, Indore Moffusil Division.


The Media and Public Relations Committee has launched the official podcast “The I-View” which aims to reinvigorate thought leadership by leveraging the holy triumvirate of faculty, alumni and the student community of IIM Indore. The podcast will focus on relevant contextual topics ranging from ethical leadership, finance, marketing, management and many more. get information on campus vendors, sports facilities and booking slots, and more.

Professor Jatin Pandey and Professor Manoj Motiani who received the best teacher award, a cash prize of 1 lakh each. The award for best staff was received by Unni KR with a cash prize of 40,000. DDV Prasada Rao, Anand Dodawad, Nisha Rathod, Vijay Kumar and Pravah Shukla also received a souvenir and cash award of 30,000 each. The employees who have been associated with IIM Indore for 10 and 20 years were also congratulated, including Professor KR Jayasimha, Professor Swatantra, Unni KR and Dr Baldev Dembani. The top 5 percentiles of PGP, PGPHRM and IPM participants also received their Certificate of Academic Excellence.