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Google’s Podcast App Gets New User Interface, Better Organizational Capabilities / Digital Information World

Listening to podcasts is something that has become a favorite pastime for many people, everything has been considered and taken care of. While most people would prefer to get their podcasts from other sources, Google Podcast has become a relatively popular way for people to get the podcasts they like due to the fact that it’s the kind of thing that could possibly allow them to create a library of different episodes that they can slowly start to sort through.

All that being said and now out of the way, it’s important to note that Google Podcasts lacked some organizational skills. While the RSS feed has become a great way for people to check what new podcasts are available to them, it has become a bit of a cluttered mess. The new user interface built into Google Podcasts will solve many of these issues. According to 9to5G, your subscription feed would now look more minimal, with a More tab that you can click to see a wider range of podcast selections.

Another feature that people will find useful is the ability to tag certain podcasts if you’ve seen them before. This can help you sort out what you have seen and what you haven’t seen yet, thereby reducing the time that might have been taken to determine what content you do not yet have access to.

Google hasn’t exactly seen massive success in the podcast world, but it’s an example of how the tech giant is moving forward with this new product. This could make more users try to check out podcasts through the app, and it will at the very least boost its popularity among Android users.

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