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Google Podcasts may not be Google’s only podcast app


  • There is a new Google app in development called Shortwave.
  • From the trademark filing, it appears that Shortwave is a cross-platform podcast app.
  • One of the app’s purposes will likely be to share podcasts with friends.

The app – called Shortwave in this trademark registration – appears to be a sharing-focused podcast app. This makes perfect sense, because one of the best ways for podcasts to gain an audience is to suggest episodes to friends and family.

Shortwave’s description in the trademark filing is quite vague, but seems to point exclusively to podcasts:

“Computer software intended for listening to digital audio files; computer application software for mobile phones, computers and tablets, namely, computer software that allows users to search, access and play digital audio files, and share links to audio files.

What is interesting in the description is that it will be cross-platform for mobile phones, tablets and computers. It also makes sense because people listen to podcasts on all kinds of devices, not just their phones.

10 Best Podcast Apps for Android


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For years, the only way to listen to podcasts in a Google app was through Google Play Music, which was a clunky and disappointing experience. Google Podcasts is definitely a better solution, but the platform doesn’t offer much more than other already established platforms like CastBox and PocketCasts.

Shortwave may be the podcast app Google needs to rise to the top of the fray. With the company predicting that podcasts will be a crucial part of future news delivery, it makes sense that the company is working hard to get users hooked on using a Google-branded app to consume episodes of podcast.

Until Shortwave debuts (if it ever does), try Google Podcasts by clicking the button below. Also, remember that Android Authority has a podcast, which you can check out here.