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Google Podcasts: How to use the Google Podcast app

Google Podcasts is a podcast app designed by Google and released in 2018 for Android devices, but has since been made available to IOS device users as well. So in this article, I’m going to introduce you to the features of Google podcasting and also show you how to use the Google podcast app and why you should consider using it as your primary podcast app.

Home interface

The Google podcast home interface has three main tabs: the Home tab, the To explore tab, and then there is the Activity tongue.

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Home tab

On the Home tab, you’ll find a feed of the most recent episodes from all the podcast channels you’ve subscribed to. It also gives you quick access to those podcast episodes. You can choose to play an episode directly from the home feed by simply pressing the play button just below the episode title and description.

To view all the details of an episode, simply select the episode and the full details (title, description, external links, etc.) of the podcast. Also, there are options to download an episode for later, add an episode to your playlist, and even share an episode with friends on different social media platforms.

Playing a podcast

Google podcasts

When you play a podcast, a play indicator appears at the bottom of the app which you can drag upwards to display the play interface. This interface shows you the podcast channel logo, the episode title, a button to go forward and backward, and a scroll bar to jump to different parts of the episode.

You’ll also see a queue button that shows you episode playback and upcoming episodes online. Right next to the queue button is the play speed button which allows you to slow down (to 0.5x) or increase speed (to 3x more than normal speed). Then there is the sleep button which will allow you to set a specific time you want the podcast to stop. Finally, there is the option to stream the podcast to other devices, and an option to share and Mark as played.

Explore tab

Google podcasts

On this tab, what you will see first is the All section that shows you new podcast shows and recommendations based on your interests. You can also click on the other sections shown in the top bar to see popular podcasts in different categories including News, Culture, Business, Education, etc. There is also a search bar to help you find the podcasts you are looking for.

Activity tab

The Activity tab will show you all of your queued episodes, downloads, history, and any podcast channels you’ve subscribed to.

Google Podcast Settings

You can access Google Podcast settings from any interface in the app. To do this, simply select the profile icon at the top right corner of the app. There you will find several options:

  • Manage your Google account
  • Add another account to your Google podcast app
  • Manage accounts on the app
  • Use without account
  • Podcast settings
  • Help and feedback on the app

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Podcast settings

In the podcast settings there are also a number of options to help you choose how you want to interact with the app, including

Automatic download: This will automatically download new episodes from the podcast channels you subscribed to. You also have the option to select the podcast channel you want to download from.

Delete completed episode: This option allows you to specify the time when episodes that you have completed will be removed from your queue and downloads.

Delete unfinished episodes allows you to specify when you want unfinished episodes removed from your queue and downloads.

Other features in the Podcast Settings section include audio playback, an option to turn off or turn on personalized recommendation, and another option to automatically play from your queue every time you open the app.

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