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Google is finally launching a podcast app for Android

Google is finally adding an app that’s been long missing from Android: an official podcast player.

Tuesday, the tech giant spear the new Google Podcast app on the Play Store. It’s essentially the company’s response to Apple’s podcast offerings on iTunes; the Google app will allow you to search, subscribe and play audio content on an Android device.

It may not seem like much. After all, the Android ecosystem is already full of third-party podcast players that can also download and play content. But Google’s app will supposedly be a bit different; the company will infuse it with AI algorithms to help improve the user experience.

“Beyond the podcasts you already know, Google Podcasts uses AI to offer recommendations based on your listening habits, such as your interest in sports or true crime, or podcasts from a particular network” , the company said. noted in a blog post on Tuesday.

In the future, the app will also use text-to-speech technology to caption your favorite podcasts. Google plans to translate these subtitles so that foreign language listeners can also enjoy the content.

Plus, the app can let you sync your podcast listening across devices, including a Google Home. ($79.00 on Google Store) smart speaker. “So if you’re listening to a podcast on your phone on your way home, you can pick it up on your Google Home when you get there,” he said.

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The search giant is launching the new product five years after the shutdown of Google Listen, the company’s original podcast app. Since then, the podcasting medium has exploded in popularity, but more so on Apple’s ecosystem.

“The majority of people who listen to podcasts do so on an iPhone. It’s actually so egregious that, device by device, the average iPhone listens to more than ten times more podcasts than the average Android,” Zack said. , Google Podcasts Product Manager. Reneau-Wedeen would have noted back in April. Its goal is to help double the number of podcast listeners worldwide by tapping into the Android market.

Time will pass if Google’s new podcast player can do the trick. The application is quite simple at the moment. It will catalog your podcast subscriptions at the top and offer recommendations at the bottom. Episodes you have listened to may be automatically deleted after 24 hours or 7 days depending on your settings. But for now, the app lacks other features such as automatic downloading of new podcasts and the ability to share audio content with your friends.

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