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Google Assistant adds settings to select the default podcast app

Google now allows users to set their favorite video, music, and radio service for use on Assistant smart screens, speakers, and phones. Google Assistant now has a settings page for podcast services.

Original 10/14: Appearing in the main list of Assistant settings, Podcasts is currently a rudimentary menu. Google also sends users a “Set Your Podcast Provider” notification about this new preference when they request to play an episode.

There are currently only two options on the list of “podcast services“: Google Podcasts – which the company says offers “free access to over 1 million podcasts” and No provider by default. Making a selection means that users do not have to specify the name of the service in the voice command.

More services will likely be supported in the future. It will be interesting to see if individual Android apps can appear here or if a full multi-device assistant offering is needed.

Then again, the “Photos” provider option only listed Google Photos for a long time, while Live TV in the Google Home app also only has one service.

All Assistant devices are listed under “Availability” in the podcast settings: Google Home, Android 6.0+ phones, Android 6.0+ TVs, Chromebooks, Android 6.0+ tablets, and smart displays.

Update 10/16: When this settings page was first deployed, Google Podcasts was the only service listed. Spotify is now supported and will automatically be available if you are already connected to music streaming.

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