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Google acquires the 60dB podcast app team, the service will be shut down next month – TechCrunch


The abbreviated 60dB podcast app will shut down next month and its team will join Google in an apparent acquisition.

“Today, we are announcing that we will be shutting down 60dB on Friday, November 10, and we will join the Google team,” read a Medium article signed by the co-founders of 60dB. “As we considered the next steps for 60 dB, we came to the conclusion that to achieve our goals, we would be in a better position if we joined with someone important who shared our vision of what was possible with the digital audio. The note was first spotted by Business Insider.

Tiny Garage Labs, who created the app, launched its podcast platform for iOS, Android, Alexa, and the web last year, allowing users to access short-lived, personalized audio tracks in the app. application. The team said they have worked with more than 80 media institutions to produce “hundreds of audio stories over the past year.”

Google confirmed the deal to TechCrunch, a spokesperson noting that it was not a formal acquisition, but rather that the company had “bought assets” and that members of the team would join Google. Terms of the contract are not disclosed.

It is not clear whether Google will use elements of the company’s technologies for future product releases. Podcasts are currently available on the Google Play Music platform.