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Breaker podcast app for Android gets new features with update

There are many ways to enjoy your favorite podcasts, including Google’s own experience. One unique option, however, is called Breaker, a social podcast app that recently updated its Android app with some useful improvements.

First of all, what is Breaker? If, like me, this is your first time hearing about the app, here’s what you need to know. Breaker is a podcast app with a social element. Along with other users on the platform, listeners can leave comments on specific parts of a podcast, follow other users, and gain subscribers themselves, etc. It’s not like most podcast apps in that sense, which means it has features that others don’t.

In Breaker 1.0, now available on the Play Store, the app adds support for signing in with a Google Account. Since you need a Google account to properly use an Android phone in the first place, it effectively means that you don’t need to have another username and password to use Breaker. In addition to this, the app now also supports a limited “guest” mode which does not require an account.

Want to try Breaker? You can now use the Android Breaker app without creating an account. You can browse hot episodes and categories as well as search and discover new shows. Create an account to subscribe to podcasts, like episodes, comment, and create your own playlists.

Breaker has also redesigned the layout of its Android app with version 1.0 to make it easier to access your podcasts. There are only three tabs left instead of the five previously available. There is also a floating action button to search for new podcasts.

The app has also updated its timeline feature to include emoji reactions and comments to go along with the podcast you’re listening to.

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