Available credit after the trial period.

After passing the trial period, you have finally arrived at your employer as a new employee. Being a full member of the team gives you the good feeling of real job security. For many, the time has come to look confidently into the future again and treat themselves to something.

The credit after the probationary period is considered the earliest time to finance the use of the creditworthiness gained through earned income. At this point our guide would like to pick you up. Find out how to find low-interest loans after the trial period, when difficulties arise and what alternatives are available.

Credit after the trial period – finally low-interest loan

Credit after the trial period - finally low-interest loan

Every change of job is always associated with a trial period. Employers and employees may give notice at short notice and without giving any reason within the agreed trial period. There is no legal notice period. For this reason, the credit after the trial period is the earliest time to borrow from a regular credit institution.

Interested creditors can expect the cheapest interest rate for online loans. The loan comparison calculator of the countless comparison portals shows which loan provider is currently making the cheapest offer for an installment loan. Their operation is almost standardized and very simple. Just enter the desired loan amount, choose the term and the list sorted by effective interest is built up.

Unfortunately, the discovery of an interesting loan offer does not automatically entail simple, secure loan approval. Problems can even arise for employees outside the probationary period who have no negative entries at credit bureau.

Read credit terms – it’s not just the probationary period that counts

Read credit terms - it

Just looking at the interest rate is not enough immediately after the trial period. There is no set period of time for how long the rehearsal lasts. A 14-day trial may have been agreed in the employment contract, as well as 6 months. In addition to the probationary period passed, the actual employment time with the employer and the type of employment contract count for the lending.

With regular loan offers, a minimum employment period of six months is usually expected. Some banks may also have a minimum term of 12 months or even 36 months in the credit terms. It is also crucial for easy lending that the trial period ended in an unlimited employment relationship. A temporary contract does not qualify for permanent proof of a secure income, even though it is preceded by a trial period.

Creditworthiness often depends on the employer – freedom of contract for credit contracts

Creditworthiness often depends on the employer - freedom of contract for credit contracts

Further problems for the uncomplicated loan after the trial period can lurk when entering the job and due to the employer’s business model. Young professionals often only get the significantly lower starting wage. Your income is not necessarily sufficient to exceed the seizure allowance to a sufficient extent for lending.

The choice of the “wrong” employer can also be fatal. The legal freedom of contract allows credit institutions to freely structure their conditions. For example, permanent employees at temporary employment agencies are often at a disadvantage.

The freedom of design with regard to the applicant’s employer often leads to more favorable interest rates for public employees. Temporary agency workers, on the other hand, often have the freedom to contract, which excludes the granting of credit.

Special Loans – Loans without credit bureau after the trial period?

Special Loans - Loans without Schufa after the trial period?

In many cases, when you start your career or change jobs, a long financial losing streak comes to an end. Especially after long periods of unemployment, credit bureau does not always show contractual handling of payment obligations. It is not uncommon for smaller sums to result in a negative entry. In this situation, employees almost naturally associate hope with the loan after the trial period to get their finances in order.

A loan without credit bureau after the trial period, in the amount of 3,500 USD or 5,000 USD, seems to bring the solution. This loan solution, which is only legally offered to Germans by a credit institution, is advertised with the most adventurous buzzwords. Immediately after the trial period, regardless of the advertising slogan, intermediary or direct application, there is no prospect of success. The coveted credit bureau-free special credit can be granted at the earliest after 12 months in the job. For a loan of 5,000 USD, it would even be 36 months.

Post-trial credit – problem solving private lenders

Post-trial credit - problem solving private lenders

Credit institutions “sell” money for interest. Commercial financial institutions are not really free to decide who to grant credit to after the trial period. The legislator specifies minimum requirements for credit security. In addition, pressure from the Cream Bank is affecting internal lending rules. Low interest income leaves little scope for potential risks. Difficulties with loan requests are therefore often preprogrammed, even if, subjectively speaking, all the requirements were met.

The solution to the impending credit crunch could be a post-trial loan from small private investors. Private investors are not affected by the legal framework for banks. In the case of difficult credit requests, private investors can react much more sensitively than regular credit institutions. You are only responsible to your own conscience.

The investment in partial financing of a private loan pays off, in contrast to the “supposedly” safe investment in the savings book. A loan after the trial period via Good Finance or Best Lender is also not a big risk, as is the case with stock speculation.

Overall, loans from private to private offer good prospects for lenders and borrowers to achieve individually set goals.

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