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Asylum Entertainment Group Launches Podcast Company Audit – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Steve Michaels’ Asylum Entertainment Group is launching an audio company to take advantage of this growing medium.

The group is launching Audity, an audio-forward company that will develop podcasts in all genres, including variety, music, sports, crime, lifestyle and scripting.

Audity is the third company to serve under the AEG banner following the launch of drama label Clovis Entertainment and The Content Group.

The company will partner with celebrities, influencers and storytellers to bring projects to the audio universe and will focus on fair financial partnerships that allow creators to profit from AEG’s back-end operations.

In addition to its initial roster which will be multi-genre, Audity will also target film and television adaptation, touring and experiential events, and educational and cultural content.

Michaels told Deadline, “We’re not just a television company that’s going to put a microphone and produce podcasts and launch them, we’re building a much bigger and bigger audio company.”

He added, “Audity gives us the opportunity to advocate for voices and perspectives that attract less attention on broader and mainstream platforms and to help nurture the communities these creators strengthen. We can guarantee our partners an immediate global audience, the ability to scale quickly and a more beneficial return on their success. “

Ryann Lauckner, president and chief strategy officer of AEG, told Deadline that she believes there is a lot of daylight to move into areas that have yet to be tapped into in the podcast media. She said he will do “bright and poppy” as well as “dark and serious” stories.

The company will work with third-party platforms under a traditional commissioning / hire-purchase arrangement, but will also look to develop projects in-house and work with brands to distribute content.

She added, “We started The Content Group because we saw a need in the market for a safe haven for film and television creators. Looking at the audio ecosystem, a similar need is clear. Audity aims to provide a home for audio storytellers looking for a way to both build and sustain their series without getting bogged down in logistics and operations.


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