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Apple removes Pocket Casts podcast app from Chinese App Store

Pocket Casts, a popular podcast app, has apparently been removed from the Chinese App Store by Apple.

The company took to Twitter tonight announcing Apple’s move, saying it was asked to censor certain podcast content. When they refused, Apple removed the app from the Chinese App Store.

“Pocket Casts has been removed from the Chinese App Store by Apple, at the request of the Cyberspace Administration of China. We believe that podcasting is and should remain an open medium, free from government censorship. As such, we We will not censor podcast content at their request.”

Pocket Casts says it has no plans to reverse its decision in order to revert to the store. Instead, the company says it sees the move as a necessary step in fighting for open distribution globally.

“We understand this means it’s unlikely our iOS app will be available in China, but we believe it’s a necessary step for any business that appreciates the open distribution model that makes podcasting special.”

Apple has yet to specify why the app was removed.