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Acast warns podcast app is shutting down for millions of users after 8 years

POPULAR podcast platform Acast warned on Tuesday that it was shutting down its app.

The Swedish company tweeted that users “will soon need a new way to listen to your favorite podcasts.”


Acast closes its podcast app after eight years

This means fans will have to switch to other apps, such as Spotify or Apple Podcasts, in order to keep up with their favorite shows.

Popular shows on Acast, which have millions of downloads worldwide, include ‘Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster’, ‘Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend’ and ‘My Dad Wrote A Porno’.

Fortunately for fans of these podcasts, they can be listened to on many other services.

Users migrating to other apps can learn more about retaining their subscriptions by visiting Acast’s website.

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A casting announced the decision in March, revealing that the ax would fall on his platform sometime “later in the year.”

“Acast’s Board of Directors today determined that the company will discontinue its podcast app in 2022,” the company wrote on its website.

“The decision is based on the fact that the user data historically generated by the app has been replaced by better data sources and that the app does not support the company’s vision of a fully-fledged podcast ecosystem. open.”

The company said it will instead focus on its network of creators and analytics services that help power its advertising.

Acast recently expanded its network to include the likes of Peter Crouch, pulling the BBC’s hugely popular “That Peter Crouch Podcast”.

Based in Stockholm, Acast was launched in 2014 as one of the first platforms where people could distribute and listen to podcasts.

It currently hosts over 40,000 shows and has 350 million monthly listens.

However, the vast majority of these listeners listen to Acast broadcasts on other platforms. The Acast app itself has relatively few users.

Ross Adams, CEO of Acast, said in March: “The app has been with us since the beginning and has helped us a lot in the development of our previous services and functions for creators and advertisers.

“Now is the time to focus even more on our future vision for Acast.

“We strongly believe in the independent and open podcasting ecosystem and to deliver on our promise to be completely platform independent, we will not have our own app.

“We want to focus on products that create the most value for our creators and advertisers.

“In terms of payload and revenue, we now have access to several other products that can do more for us and our partners than the app.”

The Sun has contacted Acast for comment.

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