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Obama’s podcast company seeks new cast after leaving Spotify

It has been confirmed by sources familiar with the negotiations that Higher Ground, the podcast company founded by Barack and michelle obama, will not renew its agreement with Spotify. Spotify reportedly decided not to make a bid after several rounds of talks with Higher Ground, so the company is continuing talks with places like Amazon […]

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Acast warns that podcast app is shutting down for millions of users after 8 years

POPULAR podcast platform Acast warned on Tuesday that it was shutting down its app. The Swedish company tweeted that users “will soon need a new way to listen to your favorite podcasts”. 1 Acast is shutting down its podcast app after eight years This means fans will have to switch to other apps, such as […]

Podcast company

Obama’s podcast company leaves Spotify

In 2020, Spotify announced a new partnership with Barack and Michelle Obama to bring new exclusive podcasts to the platform. However, two years later, the Obamas are now reportedly seeking deals with other podcast platforms as they leave Spotify. According to Bloomberg sources, Higher Ground Productions — which is the Obamas’ podcast company — won’t […]

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The TWINEMIES podcast streaming now! | News

‘Twinemies’ – the cheesiest, gayest, samest podcast of 2022, is a romantic musical comedy for queer teens. Produced by SYN MediaPodcast Incubator Program of and funded by the Community Broadcasting Foundation, it features fiercely intelligent and somewhat unhinged twins, Darcy and Chloe, who were thrust into the eyes of the world at an early age […]