Podcast company

Sister supports the podcast company of the creators of “The Clearing”, “Tabloid”

Sister supports a new podcast studio called Campside Media. The company is the product of some of the most influential forces in podcasting. It was founded by Josh Dean (“The Clearing”), Vanessa Grigoriadis (“Tabloid: The Making Of Ivanka Trump”), Matthew Shaer (“Over My Dead Body”) and writer / producer Adam Hoff. The new network has […]

Podcast app

JJ Ramberg launches Goodpods podcast app during pandemic

JJ Ramberg and his brother Ken Ramberg have teamed up to launch Goodpods. (Photo courtesy of the company) Like many serial entrepreneurs, JJ Ramberg had thrown out a few startup ideas and was actively working on one in particular – an app for podcast fans – before the pandemic began. Now that 95% of the […]